GEODIS designs, builds, operates and advises on industry-specific transport and logistics solutions to help you overcome your challenges and gain a competitive market edge. With operations in over 120 countries, we provide integrated, customized and value-creating solutions to the world's major industries.

Offshore & Marine

GEODIS Logistics is strategically placed in the region to support the development of the offshore oil and gas sector.

Our suite of services cater to specific requirements of the offshore and marine industry. From project logistics and heavy lifting to heavy equipment warehouse management, we are able to provide logistics solutions to our customers, allowing them peace of mind to focus on their core business.

Offshore and Marine Logistics

GEODIS Logistics supports the logistics needs of the world's largest offshore jack-up rigbuilder.

We understand the logistics challenges faced by the offshore and marine industry.

This industry is characterised by having a vast number of unique materials and special transportation requirements. Specialised equipment is often required for heavy lifting of such materials and the step-by-step building process of offshore structures and facilities means that materials are required on an ad hoc basis due to limited storage at offshore facilities. Inventory management is of utmost importance due to the significant amount of coordination involved.

With a proven track record and years of experience, our specialised capabilities in freight forwarding, project logistics, transportation and warehouse management will ensure smooth sailing for our customers' offshore and marine logistics needs.

Offshore Supply Base (OSB)

Offshore Supply Bases (OSB) are the logistical foundations of offshore production and drilling facilities. They provide invaluable supply chain support to offshore facilities that operate around the clock.

GEODIS Logistics stands ready to fulfil our customers' complex offshore logistics needs with the capability to evaluate, design, build, manage and operate OSBs through various projects.